COVID-19 Won’t Stop Franchises

COVID-19 Won’t Stop Franchises

All businesses, big and small, have felt the impact of the Coronavirus, especially when it first hit the United States back in early March. Some companies surprisingly thrived whereas others felt the devastating brunt of it all. Leaders within different franchises have had to step up to lead their numerous locations and employees to make business decisions and get their locations running as smoothly as possible. At Image Cube, we have worked with numerous franchise brands of all sizes and know that consistency is key when promoting your business across the nation. Franchise leadership has become more important than ever amongst the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Ways Franchises Have Stepped Up

At the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, many franchises closed their doors completely or had to restructure to service their customers and general public. Time was of the essence to act fast like many other brands. Leadership was key to establish a positive momentum so they could respond, recoup, and develop like never before.

Even though businesses are starting to get back to our “new normal”, no one still knows when the economy will fully open back up. But one thing that is certain is communication is key among franchise leaders and it’s franchisees. Creating an open dialogue has helped to implement new procedures, operations, and best practices to make sure that all business of operations is adhering to CDC guidelines. An increase in conference calls, webinars, and regular video meetings has helped to grow the communications, especially early on when stay-at-home orders were strictly enforced.

Some franchisors have even set up a designated franchise advisory department to handle issues related to the Coronavirus and their brand. The virus and the economy are changing every day as we continue to learn more and adapt. Forums like these task forces are essential to help streamline communications. Leadership teams can utilize the resources of associations to research best practices, loan options, health information, and more through the IFA – International Franchise Association or the National Restaurant Association.

It’s important to remember that this too shall pass and we will make it through because we are all in this together. Franchise brands need to be prepared for what comes next as we face our “new normal”. At Image Cube, we’re to help service franchise brands through our printing, direct mail, displays, and more. You focus on your business and let us help with your marketing materials. Connect with our team of experts to learn more about how we can help get your franchise where it needs to be amongst the Coronavirus.