Environmental Sustainability at Image Cube


Green Marketing

Image Cube believes that delivering the highest quality products requires environmentally sustainable practices at every stage of our business. Protecting our customers, team members and future generations is embedded into everything we do as a company. As a printing company, we feel especially obligated to help fight deforestation, but our commitment to environmental conservation takes into account our entire ecological footprint.

Paper Sourcing

Our substrates are sourced only from sustainable forests. The proper management and use of these resources ensures that such forests are replenished and remain a balanced ecosystem.

Eco-Friendly Inks

Image Cube uses natural inks derived from sustainable materials such as soy and vegetables. This helps keep harmful chemicals out of our printing equipment, protecting our team, customers, and the environment.


We strive to recycle all the scrap paper waste, ink, shipping supplies and other materials in our facility. Further, we constantly reassess our practices to get closer each year to our goal of achieving zero waste.

Energy Efficiency

From efficient lighting to scheduling printing during off-peak hours, we constantly analyze our processes to find ways to reduce energy. We are consistently improving our stewardship of the energy supply.

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