Image Cube is Proud to be a Silver Sponsor at the 2024 AAPC Conference

Image Cube AAPC Sponsors

Next week, April 16th – 18th, begins the 2024 Pollie Awards & Conference with the AAPC, American Association of Political Consultants, in Washington DC. We are proud to once again represent our industry as Silver Sponsors for the conference. The annual Pollie Conference is considered to be the political consulting event of the year. Our passion for political print marketing helps drive us to serve nationwide candidates and campaigns as working with consultants and firms at Image Cube.

As an organization, AAPC, is the largest political consultant organization in the US with over 1,600 members. AAPC offers the best networking opportunities, an unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards and the most exciting and cutting-edge educational opportunities available today.

We continue to support political candidates and campaigns through our print marketing services to reach the voters as we have done since 2016. At Image Cube, we provide complete printing and mailing for political campaigns of all levels. We are a leading union political print supplier for campaigns in California, but also serve the candidates and initiatives nationwide.

There are many benefits when working with a union print company such as featuring the union bug, highest quality products, skilled workers with years of experience, and the capacity to grow with the changing times. At Image Cube we are proud to be members of the Communication Workers of America (CWA) by producing union-made American products for all political needs. As a CWA Union Printshop, we pride ourselves on partnering with mainly progressive, democrat and independent campaigns to support their overall initiatives which resulted in us having record breaking numbers in the 2022 election cycle.

“As a company, we are thrilled to be part of the American Association of Political Consultants, because it provides us with a unique opportunity to collaborate and connect with like-minded professionals who share our passion for the political space. Being part of this vast network allows us to access valuable resources, stay updated on the latest trends and innovations, and contribute to meaningful discussions that shape our industry’s future. We look forward to leveraging the collective expertise and network of AAPC to further enhance our business and make a positive impact on our industry.” – Ari Boyajian, CEO of Image Cube

We play a critical role in helping maintain a better quality of life for our employees and their families as a union print shop. We value hard work, dedication, and detailed craftsmanship which results in consistent, high-quality products in every campaign we work with. Connect with our team to learn more and get started today!