Image Cube Gets New Ricoh Digital Presses

Image Cube Gets New Ricoh Digital Presses

Christmas has come very early this year at Image Cube. We are very excited to announce that we have upgraded our digital printers and are the proud new owners of two of the top of the line Ricoh C9500 Digital Production Presses. These new models were just recently released at the end of last year and we are only the second company to have them on the west coast! When it comes to quality we use nothing short of the best!

These Ricoh 9500 Digital Production Presses allow for faster production, more volume and less down time which permits us to provide a quicker turnaround time for our clients – of course without compromising on excellence. These presses are a top-of-the-line equipment built for today’s realities that goes beyond client expectations. The vivid print quality and detail makes it unlike anything else digital printers offer. Efficiency, capacity, power, and control are just some of the capabilities that come with the new Ricoh printers!

From booklets, direct mail, posters, flyers, post cards…you name it, at Image Cube we got you covered…from cover to cover (pun intended) 😉

If you’re looking to reach your customers through print marketing then Image Cube is your one-stop print shop to help supply all your printing needs. Connect with our team of experts today to get started!