Direct Mailing Services in Los Angeles

Reliable & Efficient Direct Mail

Target your Market

Direct Mail is a powerful marketing tool used to reach the right person at the right time and with the right message. Let us print and handle your direct mail campaigns so you can focus on your business. We can manage your mailing list, inkjet addresses, get you the best postage rates, pre-sort and deliver your mailings to the post office. We also NCOA certify your mail, to reduce undeliverable and duplicate mail pieces. Our EDDM service allows you to filter your demographics which means your mailings can be targeted to the customers you want to reach, without having to know names or street addresses.

Reach like-minded individuals

Survey demographics to reach your target audience

Generate lead with an EDDM (every door direct mail) campaign

Streamline your marketing campaign process and go from concept to results

Direct Mail 2.0

Real-Time Tracking and Google Ads

Get BIG results and a higher ROI using Direct Mail 2.0! By combining your traditional direct mail marketing with the power of Google ads, you will be ahead of the game! With Direct Mail 2.0, you can track mail & online responses, record phone responses, and automatically follow up with online leads. Let our team help you convert your leads and increase your sales!

Union Political Mail Services

Political Mailing

In a 2017 USPS study, voters ranked direct mail as the most credible form of political advertising! All campaigns, no matter how big or small, can maximize their voter outreach with a targeted message that matters!   Don’t risk losing your political campaign just because you didn’t advertise through direct mail! Here at Image Cube, we are proud to be your political mailing experts. Let us help you win your next political campaign!


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