Top Ways to Make Marketing Work During the Coronavirus

Top Ways to Make Marketing Work During the Coronavirus

By now many of us have gotten used to our “new normal” amongst the COVID-19 global pandemic. These past few months have been challenging for so many people and businesses just to stay afloat as everyone continues to adapt to keep our society safe. At Image Cube, our printing services have become even more essential during a global pandemic to help our clients better communicate and serve their clientele and customers. As we continue to navigate better ways of marketing businesses here are a few simple strategies that can help.

Top Marketing Strategies


Current Customers are the Priority

Many brands know that it’s harder to find new customers than it is to retain the current ones you have. Building brand loyalty is so important for any business which is why those loyal customers should always come first. We know that even as our economy continues to open back up some customers are not buying like they use to. It’s important to still have that relationship and rapport by being of service however they may need you. At Image Cube, we’ve helped our clients adapt with print as a high priority for social distancing signage, to-go order banners, safety posters, and more.

Messaging is Key

It’s imperative to keep in mind that everyone is going through a difficult time right now so we all need to be sensitive in our messaging when it comes to sales and marketing your business. What marketing message you used few months ago may be a hot button item for some today. It’s best to play it safe and be caring and compassionate to everyone’s needs that your business may come in contact with. Understanding your customers’ pain points now will help you better address your products and services that can help them during this difficult time.


During these economic times, a close relationship with other brands and companies can be evident to grow as a united community. A great way is by donating services or products if available. There is still time to help so many by partnering together. This is especially helpful for franchises to show a united front for their customers. There is no reason we have to go through this alone.

Prepare for the Aftermath

Eventually, this global pandemic will be over and the Coronavirus will just be an afterthought. It’s essential to start thinking ahead for what’s next as there will be a “new normal” because what we were doing before isn’t working now. Many companies relied on face-to-face interactions with their customers which has now been shifted to mainly online ordering, deliveries, and more. But we continue to find new ways of adapting to making it work. Just remember to be creative and flexible to better serve your customers who still love and need you.

At Image Cube, we are proud to serve our clients by providing print, direct mail, marketing, and more to keep their businesses moving. If you’re looking for ways to better market your brand connect with our team of experts to get started today!