Why Outdoor Signs are the Best Way to Advertise Your Business

We all know that to get your business to thrive you must advertise. It’s the only way customers will know your business and the best way to drive traffic to your location. Marketing your business doesn’t have to be complicated. We know that for smaller businesses, traditional forms of marketing can be expensive, hard to manage and time sensitive. This is where outdoor signs come in! Here are our top 5 reasons why outdoor signs are the way to go for your business when it comes to advertising.

  1. Cost Effective

    When you take a look at all the forms of advertising like television, magazine, radio and billboard ads, compared to outdoor signage, your business will gain the same amount of exposure but at a fraction of the cost. With recent changes in consumer behavior, like Netflix for example, there has been a decline when it comes to exposure for traditional advertising. However, outdoor signs continue to be one of the most effective forms of advertising as they provide limitless possibilities for quick and easy message changes at a fraction of the cost compared to digital.

  2. Increase in Profit

    In a recent study by the University of San Diego, “the addition of even one on-premise sign resulted in an increase in annual sales of 4.75%. For example, if a business had been grossing $500,000 annually in sales, the addition of just one on-premise sign resulted in a $23,750 increase. A major reason for this increase are unplanned impulse stops. The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) estimates that these stops account for 20% to 45% of traffic for many businesses. This makes it an easy way to encourage drivers to stop by your business whether they plan to or not.

  3. Marketing Message Updates

    If you’re looking to create awareness for an upcoming promotion or new product launch it can take weeks or sometimes even months before people will see your message. Making quick, on-demand changes with changeable signage are the way to go! This allows you to reach your audience quickly for no extra cost.

  4. Build Brand Awareness Fast

    As thousands of people pass by your business monthly do you know if they are even aware of your company, products or services? Brand an outdoor identification sign with your logo and name and potential consumers will quickly notice, and more importantly, remember your business. The more exposure the better!

  5. Versatility and Transport

    If your business is looking to have a presence at a trade show or upcoming festival then sidewalk signs are the best choice for both indoor and outdoor events. Place your signs in a way that becomes clearly visible to oncomers but free from obstruction.

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