5 Ways to Get Print Projects Done Faster & Save Money

We’ve all been there before where a print project is needed…and fast! If you find yourself in a bind to get your print materials ready for your campaign we’ve got you covered (cover to cover…wink)! Check out our top 5 tips.

  1. Digital Printing

    If you’re in the need for quick prints or high end graphics, digital printing is more than capable of getting the job done by producing accurate, quality output, with minimal set up costs and fast production times. Whether it’s signage, flyers, catalogs or business cards digital printing offers a wide range of run sizes compared to traditional printing. When it comes to turn-around time and pricing, with digital printing you get the best of both worlds.

  2. Organize Your Files

    It’s imperative that you are both diligent and organized when it comes to submitting your files to the printing company. Ensure that your files are print ready before submitting them to your print provider. Not doing so can result in delays and also drive your print partner crazy with the extra time and work it will take them. If you need help in preparing your files, consider hiring a freelancer or ask your print shop for guidance.

  3. Proof Your Content

    Proofread your work…and then proofread it again…and then ask someone else to proofread it for a third time. Finding errors or misspellings can only delay the process after it hits the print shop and end up costing more money to redo it all if it’s not caught in time. It will also result in losing your spot with the print schedule pushing you further down the line. And no business wants that!

  4. Submit Electronically

    If the files are small enough they can be submitted via email to your print partner. Some even have a dedicated file submission system to make it easier. For larger files that are more complex and use software like InDesign or Illustrator it is best to send them as a zip or package, which also helps eliminate file corruption in transport. Another problem that just may cause delays.

  5. Online Ordering Site

    Most tech-savvy print shops, like yours truly, will offer a customized online ordering platform specifically tailored to your multi location or franchise brand. This can be a huge time saver as it offers immediate proofing and customization options. You can even designate access to the system to anyone at your company authorized to place print orders which saves tons of time.

With Image Cube, we are your one-stop print shop that can do it all and then some. Connect with one of our team experts to learn how we can help get you what you need while also saving you time and money.