Partnering with A Union Print Shop & Why It’s Right for Your Campaign

5 Reasons to Utilize a Union Print Shop

It’s t-minus 3 weeks until voting day on November 8th here in California and our team at Image Cube has been working overtime bringing our political clients issues to the forefront with our print marketing initiatives. As a CWA Union Print Shop we have 18 years of experience and pride ourselves on partnering with mainly progressive, democrat and independent representatives to promote their issues that we believe in.

If you’re new to the printing game and politics, a key winning strategy is partnering with a CWA union printshop. When hiring a union print shop, like our team, you are supporting a union that puts their employees first by paying their staff higher wages with better benefits. But how do you know? You can identify that a product was created by a union print shop through a small label that we put on our products for our clients called a union bug.

Political candidates, like our clients, choose a union print shop to show their support with the labor union movement. Most Democratic clientele ensure that their items are showcased by a union print shop on materials such as yard signs, business cards, flyers, mailers and more. By picking a union print shop you’re showing solidarity with the hard working men and women that we have the pleasure of having in our team.

We continue to be proud members of the Communication Workers of America by producing American, union-made products. In doing so we are playing an essential role by offering the best for our employees. At Image Cube, we value hard work, dedication, and detailed craftsmanship which results in consistent, high-quality products in every campaign we have the pleasure of creating.

Get a head start and consider partnering with a union printshop for the next political season by speaking to one of our team members to learn more.