Industry Highlight: Effective Print Marketing for the Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Marketing

In the world of real estate it’s important to have a strong marketing strategy to be a top industry leader. To have a winning presence as a realtor one needs to combine digital with the print. Here are the top 7 print marketing materials every real estate agent should have to ensure success into 2022.

  1. Direct Mail

    Traditional direct mail marketing is the best way to reach potential home-buyers and current clients directly in their mailbox. With the real estate industry being localized it’s easy to distribute amongst your target audience. Direct marketing is still one of the best ways to reach people amongst all the digital clutter. In fact, recent studies have shown that up to 79% find it more convenient to read through their mail than search online as they prefer having something tangible to look at that arrives straight to their front door.

  2. Brochures

    A great way to spread information about the realty market is with brochures by highlighting the services you provide as well as the benefits potential customers will have by partnering with your brand. The beauty of brochures is that they can be almost any size so you can include as little or as much as you like to meet your budget. Brochures resonate well for people who are looking to purchase a home, looking for information about the property market, or those who have a general interest in real estate.

  3. Property Flyers

    If you’re looking to peak consumers interest then property flyers definitely come in handy. They can draw people to your property while providing important information. A flyer should be eye-catching while including an intriguing punch to peak their interest. Flyers are perfect for displaying property images, price guides, and information about upcoming events. Not only can they be delivered to people’s doors but they can also be distributed at open houses and other community events.

  4. Postcards

    An effective and fun way to spread your message is through postcard marketing. Postcards are perfectly suited for the real estate industry as they are an innovative twist on direct mail marketing. A bold and simple strategy is to lead with a single image property that is localized within your consumers area. It’s important to focus on what you have to offer, properties sold in the area, and what is currently for sale as there is limited space available.

  5. Real Estate Signage

    When you think of real estate the most dominant print material is the real estate signage. Real estate post signs and sidewalk open house signs are a simple way of letting people know that a property is for sale. The more people see your real estate signs in the area, the more brand recognition you will raise. They also don’t read as advertisements because of the different purpose that they serve, providing an extra benefit for your brand. With real estate signs it is essential that they are high quality and well designed as a bad sign can be associated as a bad business.

  6. Door Hangers

    Another must-have marketing tool are door hangers. They’re great for direct advertising in an entire neighborhood by conveying information about the property and reinforcing your brand image. You can hang them on properties near the property being sold or of your target audience. Bright colors and bold text are the way to go when it comes to door hangers by keeping it simple with a minimal aesthetic.

  7. Business Cards

    Like most industries, first impressions are everything when it comes to real estate. Real estate agents are all about relationships by connecting with people to help them find their new home. When meeting potential home buyers the first marketing material they may receive is your business card. Instead of having a boring card that just lists your business information, get creative and make it memorable. Try including a QR code that can take your potential client to your current listings available. If you want to convey luxury, thick and heavy paper tends to feel more professional.

Turn that “For Sale” sign into “SOLD” by utilizing our top marketing materials for print to help raise awareness for your real estate business. At Image Cube we are your premier real estate partner and one-stop-shop for all your print marketing needs. Connect with our team of experts to learn more and get started today!