Top 7 Black Friday Marketing Tips to Increase Sales

Black Friday Marketing

Only 23 days and counting until the biggest shopping day of the year commences. Yes, Black Friday is upon us. It is the biggest shopping spree that is set to make up 30 percent of all sales for the year. With Black Friday being a highly influential marketing opportunity it’s important to get it right. But don’t be fooled, set to fall the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday isn’t only for retail and consumer products. Businesses of all types can capitalize on the holiday shopping season. Leverage this business opportunity with these 7 essential Black Friday marketing strategies.

  1. Create an Offer They Can’t Resist

    Low prices work miracles on Black Friday. The sheer volume of sales is worth promoting the slight reduction in profit margins. But don’t forget, all retailers reduce their prices so you’ve got to create an offer that consumers won’t want to pass up. Ensure that it catches the eyes of buyers by promoting something that is not only of value but also having it stand out amongst the crowd.

  2. Create Urgency

    Not only should the offer be attractive but it should also be urgent to encourage people to act fast. By including a time limit it will help consumers who may be hesitant to either act now or lose out. Special offers, temporary sales, and shopping codes will help increase that sense of “scarcity” around your product. Plus, if the demand is high you will run out of stock.

  3. Create Campaign in Advance

    As more and more brands highlight their holiday promotions leading up to the holiday shopping season, it’s critical to create your campaign and begin promoting as early as October. By promising rewards and discounts ahead of time it will help build brand awareness long before the promotion begins. Create a buzz by sending out direct mail campaigns to help drive subscriptions and attract consumers. Brochures and catalogs are also a great way to entice customers to shop your deals.

  4. Print Materials

    When it comes to boosting business on Black Friday, well designed print media can make all the difference. To reach consumers on the ground utilize flyers and posters. Target your existing customers at home by sending a mailer. But make sure your print media is high quality and designed effectively. Ensure you use the right materials and hire a graphic designer to take care of imagery and help bring your product and promotion to life.

  5. Connect with Digital

    An effective print campaign will give feedback to a strong digital presence. Remember to include your digital outlets like social channels, websites and any online offers with print materials. The most effective way to tie the two together is by utilizing QR codes to allow access easily through a mobile device.

  6. Connect with Social Media

    Social media is a must for promoting all Black Friday specials and offers. Share coupons, promotions, offers, competitions, and your best Black Friday deals with millions of target customers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Take advantage by using the relevant #BlackFriday hashtag to be included in the trend. Also create a branded hashtag that promotes your special offer to get the posts shared and trending even further. The content should not only be relevant but also engaging with a clear call-to-action to encourage click-thrus and ultimately purchases.

  7. Advertise

    Reach thousands by targeting potential consumers with paid ads on social media or Google ads. When making your PPC (pay per click) ads angle your content towards Black Friday carefully. On this trending day people will always be sharing and promoting as it is the number one thing people will be talking about. Take it one step further and find when your consumers are shopping by looking at the data from last year.

It’s safe to say that Black Friday is easily the biggest holiday marketing event of the year. Reach new customers by boosting brand awareness and consolidating your market base. Make your campaign stand out amongst the competition by taking advantage of our top 7 tips to increase sales. If you’re in need of print marketing our team of experts are here to help. Connect with us to learn more and get started today to boost those Black Friday sales.