Complete Guide for Branded Apparel

Complete Guide for Branded Apparel

As a business, it’s important to know that what you and your employees wear can have an impact on your brand. Brand visibility is a key component of how you want to represent your business to the world and one of the key components is through custom brand apparel. Utilize branded apparel for your advantage through our complete guide.

  1. Work Uniforms

    When looking to make a lasting statement about your employee’s visual appearance, employee uniforms are where you need to start. This is ideal for not only big corporations and franchises but small businesses as well. Showcase the utmost professionalism by utilizing t-shirts, polo shirts or hats. You can also take it one step further by customizing apparel with the employees’ names for a personal touch.

  2. Branded Merch Apparel

    Another way to get your brand noticed is through custom branded apparel to sell to clients. With this option, your brand logo or name doesn’t have to be as visible. This allows you to have some fun to be creative and witty by letting the design show the personal, fun side of your brand. Custom designs like these don’t apply to all business fields but if it works for your brand then we highly recommend it. The added benefit will be getting added revenue on these apparel pieces.

  3. Promo Apparel

    As more opportunities become available to showcase your brand, there also becomes more of a need for branded apparel. Tradeshows, conventions, and networking events all utilize giveaways to market their brand. Potential clients and prospective partners are your key demographic at these functions. A great way to reach out and keep your brand top of mind long after the event is through goodie bags. When it comes to branded giveaway apparel hats and tees are your best options. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also inexpensive to make. In addition, you can use these items as giveaways or promotional gifts to loyal customers. A referral and brand representation is the most sincere form of flattery for any business.

  4. Athletic Apparel

    Branded apparel isn’t just for businesses, but for school and non-profit sports teams as well. T-shirts, hats and athletic gear are popular choices to represent your players. Printing the team logo on these items helps showcase distinction amongst the players, coaches, or other members associated with the team. You can also make additional items for fans to show their support and cheer the team on at games or matches.

Let your brand stand out amongst the crowd with high-quality, custom-branded apparel, without spending a fortune. At Image Cube, our team produces distinctive promotional apparel that both potential and existing customers will gravitate towards, generating new leads and sales. Connect with our skilled team of experts that will also help you come up with clever, memorable apparel that will keep your brand top of mind and get started today!