5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Printer

5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Printer

Before we give you the tough love, we want all of our clients to know that we love to create print materials to help our client businesses grow. Nothing brings us more joy than collaborating with our creative partners and bringing an idea to life through print. With that said, there are a few things you should know when it comes to working with a printing company as well as some things you should never say to your printer. Here are our top 5 things you should never tell your printer.

  1. “It’s a rush, but I don’t have the files”

    We understand that time is of the essence with any business. If you need something rushed you need to have the files ready to hand over as soon as you submit the request. As printers, we need to know the quantity, paper and other specs for the job to be completed in a timely manner. At Image Cube, we always do our best to help our clients when they’re in a bind. However, things will run a lot smoother and get done quicker when files are provided upon request. The more you plan ahead, the better. Feel free to ask if you need help setting up files. After all, that’s what we’re here for.

  2. “We designed it on Microsoft Word”

    This is very important when it comes to any printing job. Industry standards say that a client’s artwork must be a print-ready PDF file or in native Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop files. If your business doesn’t have the appropriate software then we highly recommend investing to get the appropriate software. It will save you and your printer a lot of time and headache for future jobs.

  3. “Oops, I forgot to mention”

    As a rule of thumb it’s always important to include special instructions before an estimate or the job has begun. We understand that you may think certain changes are simple but that’s not always the case. They can cause a lot of extra time, work and costs if not included in the initial quote. It’s key to be upfront with initial requests to ensure that the job runs smoothly and you receive the highest quality return for your spend.

  4. “I think this is the final version”

    While there may be an occasional typo or missing punctuation, making multiple revisions throughout the process can become costly and create delays. It’s very important that all edits and changes are made before you send them to your printer to avoid mistakes. Please double and triple check to ensure everything is included.

  5. “But the last print shop…”

    Every print company is unique and has their own method for completing jobs. Everything from templates to capabilities and service to turnarounds can be different from your previous print partner to your current. We understand that you may be used to things getting done a certain way and being upfront and clear will help accommodate as much as possible. Communication is key. Be sure to let your print company know if files have been previously printed by other companies or if you have specific requests for your print file.

Having an open dialogue and discussion with your printer is critical to having an effortless partnership with lasting results. At Image Cube, our team of experts will communicate with you at any stage of the process to make sure that your work is completed with 100% satisfaction. Remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question so don’t hesitate to ask and reach out to us for your next printing project. We would love to partner with you!