5 Easy Print Tips for Boosting Sales this Holiday Season

5 Easy Print Tips for Boosting Sales this Holiday Season

It’s official…we are in full holiday season mode! With Halloween only two weeks away, before you know it we’ll be carving that turkey with family and friends and then opening presents on Christmas morning. Now is the time to really start planning for the big holiday season to make it your most profitable quarter for 2020. Check out our top print tips that will help your business boost sales this holiday season.

Top Holiday Print Tips


We all know that signs placed outside a storefront tend to attract the eye. Try switching it up by promoting your business with visuals catered towards the holiday season to help get customers in the giving and shopping mood. In fact, signs can attract about 50% of all customers so don’t be afraid to be extra creative.


Sending direct mail straight to people’s mailboxes is sure to get them excited for the holidays. Research has shown that consumers can spend upwards of 25 minutes sorting through their mail each day. With so much digital marketing flooding consumers nowadays, a catalog or informational booklet is sure to make your company stand out in the pile.


During the holiday season people enjoy one another’s company and tend to dine out more. A great way to increase food lovers dining at your restaurant is by displaying a special holiday menu that is exclusive during the season. Simple table top displays or dedicated menus are sure to gain some attention and even extra indulging.


Everyone loves a good deal and punch cards are a simple and great way to provide a free offer. These are a classic as it will keep them coming back to use it up and get that special deal.


Another great classic is the fyler. Past research has shown that nearly 50% of people take advantage of a special offer they have received from a flyer. It’s a great way to attract new customers and introduce them to your business. Be sure to make it for a limited time only so they will act fast.

We hope these simple and helpful print tips will increase your sales this holiday season…and we are here to help! If you’re looking for a print shop to provide custom designs for your business this holiday season, we invite you to connect with our team of experts to get started! Before you know it, the New Years’ Eve ball will be dropping at midnight and it will be 2021…so don’t delay!