10 Tips For Making Your Business Holiday Friendly This Season

Holiday Printing

Once again, in the blink of an eye, we went from ringing in 2021 to fast forwarding into the hectic holiday season. In just a few short days the pumpkins and cobwebs will be coming down and before we know it wreaths and the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree will be hung. It’s the best time to wrap up the year for your business too and we’re here to help with our 10 tips to help you make it a friendly holiday season.

  1. Package with Roll Labels

    If you don’t want to make an investment change to your packaging then roll labels are the way to go. Make the temporary holiday shift by updating your branding and apply them on almost any surface. Roll labels are a solid and simple choice for the holiday season.

  2. Special Promo / Discount

    With gift buying shoppers are increasing their end of the year spend. Entice them to shop with your business by offering a limited time promotion or discount that is only available during this special time of year. As the holidays are a competitive time for retail businesses we highly recommend offering a special that is fiscally in range to meet your 2021 earning goals.

  3. Special Storefront Signage

    Having a holiday sale means putting it on display within your storefront. Attract the attention of potential customers by displaying special offers to encourage them to step inside. You can also get in the holiday spirit by including signs that spread a little extra joy by sharing a simple greeting of “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings”.

  4. Holiday Stickers

    Kids just love stickers while out shopping with their families and can be a fun gift to give out to the little ones. Stickers are great for both a storefront and online shop to include as an extra special thank you for your customers.

  5. Affordable Gift Wrapping

    This particular tip should be a given. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season many people don’t have the time, patience or even skill to gift wrapping. By offering special gift wrapping your customers will pay a little extra for the quality service you can provide to get everything done in one stop. This little touch can help them be a loyal customer for more years to come.

  6. Hang Tags

    Including a printed tag that either hangs or is included within the folded clothes adds an extra holiday touch by printing a “To:” and “From:” on the tag. It’s an inexpensive way to add a minimalist approach to gift-giving. This doesn’t just work on clothes but can be included on other items such as candles, gift baskets, and more!

  7. Gift Guide

    Providing a gift guide of your most popular items is ideal to send within your weekly or monthly newsletter. Take it one step further by featuring a special product of the day and highlighting it on social media.

  8. Postcards

    Design a nice holiday postcard that includes a sweet message for your customers to be included within every bag or box. Take it one step further to remain on your customers’ minds by personalizing it with their name to show a little extra appreciation.

  9. Decorating Your Store

    First impressions are everything and can be the difference between someone from stopping and stepping inside your store or visiting your competitor. Get in the holiday spirit and decorate your storefront this holiday season. It can even be simple and spread just a little extra holiday cheer.

  10. Free Gift with Purchase

    If your business has branded items or sells little trinkets, consider including them as a free gift with purchase when customers buy a certain product or spend a determined dollar amount. Most customers feel a little better when they receive a “free” item along with their purchase as there’s something extra in it for them as well.

Take your time to really assess your goals for the holiday season and consider implementing a few or all of our recommended tips to make your business holiday friendly. If you’re on the lookout for some last minute print needs then our team of experts are here to help make your holiday wish come true. Connect with us to learn more and get started today!