Grow and Boost Engagement Among Millennials with Print Media

Grow and Boost Engagement Among Millennials with Print Media

When many people hear the word “Millennial”, they think of the younger generation on their smartphones and browsing social media 24/7. Many might be surprised to find out that Millennials love print marketing just as much as the older generation. In a previous Forbes article, it stated that Millennials lead other generations in reading and actually prefer print. Marketing to Millennials in print works so well today because print is more memorable, creates trust more so that digital marketing does, and also activates the senses.

Millennials Love Print Marketing

Print marketing makes memories because with print it conveys trust which then turns into engagement. When brands provide valuable content through print marketing Millennials value the brand. Potential consumers tend to remember more and hold onto print items as a reminder for when ready to purchase. There are so many ads and noise on the internet that print advertisements help gain their uncontrollable attention and focus.

A key tactic with print marketing is helping solve a problem. This can be through print marketing with how-tos, a helpful list, or educational tips that the consumer will remember. The feel and even smell of materials free up space in the brain and creates a footprint because it requires more attention to process what is being presented.

Creating these memories with the power of print then moves the consumer to engage in a meaningful way. Being authentic when marketing to millennials can go a long way as they love items being tailored to them and their needs, therefore, creating trust. A millennial then has a positive association with the brand easier than they would if receiving the same item through digital marketing. By having a positive engagement with the brand it then pushes the millennial to purchase.

Millennials want to engage with print. Research has shown that 92 percent of college students prefer reading print material to digital material. Also, according to a USPS survey, about 54 percent of Millennials informed researchers that businesses in their neighborhoods needed to do a better job of keeping them informed, and they’d prefer the information by way of physical mail rather than telemarketing or email. In fact, 25 percent of millennials consider reading print marketing a luxury and something they enjoy.

Marketing to millennials through print is crucial in helping cast a wider net for your brand. If you’re looking for ways to boost your engagement amongst the younger generation through print marketing then we at Image Cube are here to help. Connect with our team of talented experts to get started today!