Why is Direct Mail still alive?

Direct Mail is Alive

With digital marketing dominating the space many think direct mail is dead…but that’s where you’re wrong. So far this year the U.S. Postal Service distributed 127.3 billion units of mail. Direct mail is very much alive and still a viable part of any business marketing campaign. Each decade the direct mail industry response rates continue to rise. Here are seven must-know facts that may help you consider using direct mail within your next marketing plan.

  1. Not Annoying

    Direct Mail is not as annoying as those multiple online ads. Many tend to get annoyed with pop-up ads as they’re browsing the internet as opposed to when they receive mail at their home. In fact, 27% of American internet users block ads.

  2. Immediate Open

    People tend to open their mail right away. They are more likely to open, sort through it, or even open it right away. Direct mail has the ability to capture their attention right away. 42.2% of direct mail recipients either read or scan the mail they get. Also, if there is a big package or envelope you better believe they are likely to open it ASAP or at least see who it’s from. The only media channel that provides this kind of opportunity to get your message across right away is direct mail.

  3. We Love Mail

    Many Americans love getting mail. Think about it when you were a kid and so excited when the mailman dropped off letters or a package. Many are surprised that millennials love mail too. About 92% of millennials think it’s easier to read print marketing than digital content. Millennials also respond to direct mail faster than with over 60% of those respondents making a purchase within just three months.

  4. Excellent Response Rates

    Direct Mail gets excellent response rates. Many Americans love mail as well as opening and responding to their mail. The DMA Response Rate Report states that 5.1% of U.S. households respond. Businesses are responding to direct mail too. In a recent response rate report, the DMA found that 4.4% of B2B recipients respond.

  5. Specific Industries Use

    Financial services, real estate and speciality industries use direct mail the most. For example, the financial industry thrives using direct mail and is one of the biggest users when it comes to marketing through print media. As a results-driven trade, direct mail campaigns give financial businesses measurable results. That’s why large financial institutions send out millions of targeted direct mail pieces each year.

  6. Non Profits Love It

    Donations increase for non-profits with direct mail. Potential donors need to believe in the cause, and trust them, when it comes to donating towards a non-profit organization. Nonprofits increase their donations by an outstanding 40% when they use targeted direct mail . That’s where direct mail comes in and delivers. Approximately 56% of consumers trust print marketing more than any other type of marketing. It’s also highly targetable, comparatively inexpensive, and totally trackable. For charitable organizations, direct mail is almost a no-brainer.

  7. We Take Action

    People act on catalogs. When it comes to direct mail and catalogs over 60% of direct mail recipients visit the website to shop, especially first-time visitors. According to a USPS study, a piece of direct mail is like window shopping. Catalog recipients bought 28% more than those that didn’t receive the same catalog.

The proof is there. If you’re looking to reach potential customers in their mailbox then connect with our team to get started with your direct mail marketing campaign.