Top Tips for Sending an Affordable and Effective EDDM Campaign

EDDM Mailing Campaigns

Direct mail marketing is still one of most effective marketing tools to reach potential customers locally. EDDM, also known as Every Door Direct Mail, is a program that is the most cost-effective way to get your mailers out to cover an entire neighborhood. With EDDM there is no mailing list required and USPS will deliver directly to every single mailbox along the selected routes. EDDM postage rates are only a fraction of the cost of a presorted standard marketing mail. Here are some considerations to make your EDDM campaign successful.

  1. Determine Your Objective

    With any campaign you want to determine what your goal is and what you want to accomplish. Top businesses that continue to send out direct mail pieces are real estate agents, restaurants and hair salons to promote their services and generate leads. Defining your goal, such as increasing brand awareness or increasing revenue, will help create your overall message.

  2. Choose the Right Size & Stock

    It’s important to know that certain mailer sizes work best for an EDDM campaign. One advantage for EDDM is that you can get larger mailed pieces at the same postage rate. At Image Cube, we will work with you to help determine which size works best for your message to reach potential customers. The right paper stock is also key for your EDDM campaign. We provide choices from glossy stock ideal for vibrant colors, an eco-friendly recycled paper for a vintage look and feel, or ultra thick cardstock for high-end retailers.

  3. Finalizing the Design & Content

    It’s crucial to keep your design simple so that your message is clean and concise. To make your postcard feel less crowded use borders, headlines and bullet points. And as always be sure to include the important information of your location, phone number, website, and social media channels. A great way to entice potential customers is to include a special offer with a QR code, that only participates in your EDDM campaign. This will also allow you to keep track of how successful it is when completed.

  4. Choose Your Routes and Dates

    With EDDM mailings you do not need specific names and addresses because USPS carriers will place your postcards in every single mailbox along the selected routes. For a local restaurant or retail store be sure to include zip code range within at least 1-2 miles of your location to begin with. When choosing a drop off date it’s important to determine a busy season for your business. For example, if you provide a tutoring service then your ideal schedule should be from the end of August to early September with zip codes surrounding local schools in your area.

  5. Print, Prepare and Drop Off

    To ensure that USPS is able to deliver your postcards accurately and on time, you need to comply with the labeling, bundling, and all processing requirements. Mailers should be in bundles of either 50 or 100 pieces with each bundle measuring no higher than 6 inches. Finally, you need to fill out the required paperwork and drop the bundles off at the right location.

At Image Cube, our experts are available to help you determine which EDDM campaign will bring you the best results. We also offer complete printing and EDDM mailing services, so connect with our experts to learn more and get started today.