Top Must Have Items for New Hire Welcome Kits

New Hire Custom Welcome Kits

Welcome to the team! As your company grows and you bring new employees to the team, it’s always an exciting time. As one starts their new position it’s important to have a seamless transition onboarding. In fact, great employee onboarding can increase company retention by 88%. A fun way to make a new team member feel at home is with a new hire welcome kit.

Your employee welcome kit helps establish what kind of brand your company is. Benefits of having a new hire welcome kit shows that you care, proves your attention to detail, creates a welcoming environment, gives your employees their own piece of the company, and promotes your company’s brand. It’s important to include the necessities to help them get started along with some fun and practical items that you know they will use. Here are the top must have items for new hire welcome kits.

  1. Welcome Letter & Employee Handbook

    Including a hand-written letter on custom company stationery is the perfect welcoming touch to demonstrate that you are invested in your employee. It shows that they are a part of the team when you take extra time to personalize with a genuine note. Another essential item that should always be included is an employee handbook. The handbook should provide an overview of the company and its values, along with helpful answers to many questions they may have.

  2. Apparel Item

    Whether it’s a sweatshirt, a t-shirt or a pair of funky socks, having a clothing item for new employees will benefit brand recognition for clothing items they can use in their everyday lives.

  3. Custom Stickers

    Everybody loves fun stickers! Add a touch of personality with stickers that the employee can use to decorate their workspace and personal items. Having a branded logo sticker will also help expose your company to the public.

  4. Water Bottle or Coffee Mugs

    During the workday employees run on two things: coffee and water. Include a branded water bottle or coffee mug that they can use both in and out of the office.

  5. Portable Chargers

    With everything running on technology, providing a portable charger or power bank for your employees laptop or cell phone will definitely come in handy during a battery shortage.

  6. Notebook/Notepads

    A notepad or notebook is a highly versatile item even in the world of technology that everyone will use. It’s perfect when needing to take quick notes in meetings or when you don’t want to forget a task or to-do item.

  7. Business Cards

    A staple of the business world is the classic business card. Providing employees with personalized business cards demonstrates your dedication to your employees.

  8. Laptop Bag

    Almost everyone has a laptop nowadays so including a laptop sleeve or backpack in your welcome kit is a natural must-have. Every employee will appreciate the gesture.

Partnering with a trusted print company like our team at Image Cube, will ensure that all your welcome kit items are consistent and on brand. Our staff can customize, print, store, package, and ship all of your kits for you. Connect with us to learn more and get started today!