Top 7 Must-Ask Questions for Your Printer

Top 7 Must-Ask Questions for Your Printer

You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging by only sharing things you should never tell your printer, did you? Of course not! We are always here to help with our helpful tips and today we’re sharing the top must ask questions for any print partner to ensure your projects are printed properly and completed in a timely manner.

  1. “What are my options?”

    Work with the printer to find the best option for the job and your budget by asking your print partner which printing option is best based on your needs. With a variety of paper stock and options, your print partner will be offering the best possible solution.

  2. “Do you have templates?”

    When it comes to printing a brochure, catalog or direct mailers, printers will be able to provide any templates, along with technical requirements for your designer to use. These templates will assure folding, trimming and mailing requirements are all factored before the design is finalized.

  3. “What kind of paper stock should I use?”

    Even though you might have an idea for what kind of paper you would like to use, your printer will be able to suggest something better if you give them an idea of the final outcome you’re after. The printer will be able to advise on stocks, how the ink will handle on paper, and the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly options that are available.

  4. “What size?”

    If you are flexible it’s important to specify the size you want it to be but leave room for options as a half inch can make a big difference. This means you can plan up more pages per sheet and have a much more economical print.

  5. “Can I review a proof?”

    It’s imperative to always see a final review of the product, even if it’s just a PDF before it goes to print. For larger or more color specific jobs, your printer should provide you with a printed sample proof or invite you to a ‘press check’ as the product is being printed. This might not be available, especially if more time is required or there are budget restrictions.

  6. “What is the turnaround time?”

    Be sure to be upfront with your printer by telling them when you need the finished product and where it should be delivered. The printer will be able to give you a deadline by working backward from the timeline you provided.

  7. “Can I check in any time?”

    It’s important to check in with your printer on a regular basis and have an open line of communication. If you’re in the loop on how things are going at every stage then the project will run smoothly.

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