Top 5 Ways to Use Stickers and Rolls Labels for Your Business

Top Sticker and Roll Label Use

Show of hands, who had a sticker book growing up? Come on, you know you did. When you think of stickers you think of fun characters that covered your folder and books back in the early days of elementary (our favorite were the scratch and sniff LOL). But even as adults stickers and roll labels can greatly help your business by elevating your brand’s visibility and legitimacy of a product. Whether you’re a small business like the local mom and pop shop down the street or a multi-location nationwide franchise, stickers and roll labels provide a few ways to increase your business model.

  1. Branded Stickers

    To help build brand awareness it’s best to have stickers with your custom branded logo and/or slogan to build recognition. Stickers can be used as promotional items or gifts to thank customers for purchasing your product. It’s a nice gesture that also shows you are confident in your business and what you have to offer. The branded stickers can also be used at conferences or trade shows by including them at your booth set up or in giveaway bags.

  2. Sticker Merchandise

    If your brand is established and well known, selling stickers is not only a great way to increase brand visibility but your profit as well. For example, a well known clothing company with fun characters can also create character stickers to showcase the personality of the product that customers will want to show off. Another option is using a popular quote with your brand logo, small but noticeable, to have fun with what there is to offer. Carpe Diem!

  3. Packaging Roll Labels

    For businesses that constantly ship packages to their customers, you will most likely need labels that include both the shipping carrier and the recipient. Whether that’s fragile labels, specific instructions, or something else – printing these on Roll Labels will be your best bet to ensure you have plenty available.

  4. Security Roll Labels

    To provide reassurance to your customers that they’re receiving something that has never been opened or used before, take the extra step to provide a security label for your products. These have become common use for the food industry as deliveries and food delivery service have increased during the past 2 years.

  5. Product Roll Labels

    For product roll labels think of almost everything, from cups, bottles and jars to bags, t-shirts or other various items. Printing labels that have information or branding will help identify your brand and is a cost-effective way to provide information about the product and branding all at once.

At Image Cube, our goal is to increase awareness for your brand through our print marketing efforts. Check out more ideas for our full color custom stickers as well as our packaging and promotional roll labels. Connect with our team of experts to learn more and get started today!