Top 5 Ways to Leverage Direct Mail Marketing for Your Business in 2021

Top 5 Ways to Leverage Direct Mail Marketing for Your Business in 2021

As your business enters Q2 we want to send you a friendly reminder that in an overly digital marketing world direct mail matters…and it matters a lot! Fun Fact: direct mailers have a response rate of 5% compared to less than 1% for email, paid search, online display or social media. With direct mail, you are able to connect with potential consumers on a more personal and tangible level. Study shows that 73% of Americans like to receive direct mailers over digital advertisements. Here are our top 5 tips for leveraging direct mail to grow your ROI in 2021.

  1. Targeted Mailing Lists

    Many businesses utilize direct mailing lists as a way to send mass mailers to as many prospects as they can. This approach can result in heavy misspending with no real results. Utilize your buyer persona and market research to create a highly targeted direct mailing list. Once created make sure that the list and addresses are effective with address verification software. This will help increase deliverability, making your tracking results more accurate with having a better bang for your buck.

  2. Utilize the Right Direct Mail Piece

    When sending your direct mail piece it’s important to bring value so the prospect engages with your mail piece. Don’t be generic, as it could get lost with other mailers and tossed aside. Make sure that your mailer is unique and provides a clear and easy ‘Call To Action’ to follow. The goal is to send the right offer to the right audience with just the right design and copy.

  3. Be Personable

    Personalization is a necessity. Don’t overlook this fact as you could end up wasting money on generic mailers. If you’re not able to address your prospects by their first name then consider using “I” or “You”. In addition, be sure to use your most important information and best benefits at the beginning so it doesn’t get overlooked as most people will skim the mailer to find what is in it for them. Including a deadline, if appropriate, can increase urgency as well.

  4. Retarget

    Increase your conversion rate by up to 150% by utilizing retargeting. When people show interest but don’t always pull the trigger it’s key to keep your brand as a reminder through retargeting. For example, you can follow up with them using display ads on their web activity, through social media ads reminding them of the products they were checking, or by personalized emails. And don’t forget to utilize the direct mail piece as a follow-up as well.

  5. Tracking with a Code

    Allot a code to each of your mailers to gather and measure results. It’s key that the code should reflect the time, either year or month when the campaign has launched, along with a special offer. Utilizing a unique code will help track what is working and what is falling flat for future campaigns. The code can be a simple letter and number system that pertains only to the mailers or can include a QR code that the consumer can utilize with their smart device that drives them to a landing page where they can learn more or accept the offer.

At Image Cube, we can help target your market with a reliable and efficient direct mail campaign. We will help strategize your mail campaign, manage your mailing list, print addresses, get you the best postage rates, presort and deliver your mailings to the post office. Connect with our team of experts to get started today!