Tips to Boost Fundraising for Non-Profits Through Direct Mail

Tips to Boost Fundraising for Non-Profits Through Direct Mail

When it comes to direct mail marketing some nonprofit organizations may be hesitant as they believe it to be considered old fashioned. Therefore, they think that technology should be able to enhance this option, however, that is far from the truth. In fact, according to Non-Profit Source, organizations received a 28% higher conversion rate when combining direct mail with digital mail. Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing your next direct mail fundraiser.

4 Direct Mail Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits


Pick Your Audience

When choosing your audience there are two different fundraising types: house file and prospecting. House files are previous donors who have already given to your organization and you are encouraging them to donate again. Prospecting is a cold direct mail outreach to potential new donors or those who have not donated in a long time. Different messages of direct mail will be created for these particular mailings. House file tends to have a better ROI because they are warmer leads who are familiar with your organization and have already contributed.


The goal of your outreach is to move your potential donor and that can best be done by telling a story. It’s important that they catch your information as they are sorting through their mail. The best way to do so is by pulling them in with a powerful story. Two main different story types can be the organization’s story to highlight the mission, struggles, triumphs to showcase credibility, and provide trust from their contribution. Another story type is to highlight the story of an individual to inspire prospective donors and help them resonate with someone who has benefited from the nonprofit.

It’s All About You

A key way to really connect with potential donors is by using your letter or mailer to talk to them directly and this can be used by referencing the “You-Attitude”. People tend to be more interested in their personal needs so tailoring the direct mail piece for what they can do to help is more effective. Therefore, the most important word you can utilize is You. An example is by saying, “Your donation will help…” rather than “We encourage you to donate.”

Fundraising Keywords

Like all industries, with nonprofit fundraisers, there are keywords and phrases that will grab their attention. Most people tend to skim mailers so having key phrases that are the most important to the reader. Some keywords are the user’s name to emphasize again that it is about them. The term “tax-deductible” lets the potential donor know that not only will they feel good about helping the organization but they will also receive a tax write-off. Lastly, the word “give” has a stronger weight than the word “support”. It’s better to be more direct by asking them to give or donate instead of calling them to action by support.

Overall, you want to put yourself in the shoes of the supporter to determine what will interest them in giving back to the organization. At Image Cube, we have a long history of partnering with nonprofit organizations to help get their message across through the power of direct mail. Connect with our team of experts to help get your end of year mailer ready today!