Print Marketing Ideas You Might Have Forgotten About

In a screen obsessed world, promoting your business online for most is an automatic go-to. However, while print may be the grandfather of marketing it stills holds true and comes with a lot of wisdom. Check out our five oldie, but goodie, print marketing ideas to boost your business.

  1. Happy Birthday Cards

    Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday so don’t miss out on this momentous opportunity to reach out and connect with your customers by sending them a birthday card in the mail. It’s okay if you don’t know their actual birthdate as the month will do just fine to wish them a happy day. This is a great and personal way to show the customer that you care. Make them feel special with a gift certificate or discount on their next purchase as a way to celebrate them.

  2. Promotional Swag

    Promotional products are a great way to spread awareness for your brand and keep your business top of mind. It’s important that the items you choose make sense for your company and are items that people will actually use. No one wants to see their promotional products end up in the trash. Items that have a longer shelf life will also leave a longer impression. When choosing who is worthy of receiving your swag the greater the customer value the better.

  3. Exclusive Mailers

    We know any business can send a colorful postcard in the mail but it takes more to make your direct mail piece stand out amongst your competitors. Include something that encourages action like a peel-off gift card, QR code or detachable coupon. Motivate people to take action that brings value to the postcard.

  4. Free Samples

    Everybody loves something for free and that includes a free sample. Entice your potential customers by adding dimension and weight to the mailer piece to make them want to look inside. This is a great way where they get the chance to try before they buy. Include a special discount or coupon that encourages them to buy if they like their free sample too.

  5. Magnets & Notepads

    The ever-popular magnets or notepads are always a crowd pleaser. Just go look at your refrigerator and see how many magnets you have collected over the years from businesses. And the notepads are one of the most useful giveaways that stays with people over time. Be sure to include a special promotion as well as your contact information. Take it one step further by opting for a photo frame magnet or sticky notepads to increase your chances that people will use it.

These top print marketing ideas have stood the test of time and are great ways to increase your brand awareness and business opportunities. If you’re looking to promote your services and products through print marketing then our team of experts at Image Cube are here to help! Connect with us today to learn more and get started.