Key Things to Look for When Finding the Perfect Political Printer

Why Your Political Campaign Needs to Partner with a Top Printing Company

You know the saying, “time is money”? In the world of political print no truer words have ever been spoken. When it comes to political campaigns, finding a full service printing company for all your printing needs can help minimize campaign costs. Rather than pursuing multiple printing vendors, utilizing a one-stop-shop can help produce everything you need to promote. Bonus points if they can mail your pieces for you as well!

With another election year already in full swing, politicians are using multiple outlets to get their message out to their target voters. Having printed material and direct mail are necessary for a successful campaign. The most common printing pieces in political campaign include signs, posters, stickers, postcards, brochures, flyers, and door hangers. Since many of these items range in quantity, be sure your print vendor can handle digital, offset, large format, bindery, and mailing capabilities to ensure your costs stay low. You can get a feel for how a company will produce your materials by taking the time to check out their equipment, capabilities, and services.

With deadlines, drop dates and potential changes that happen at the last minute, it’s important to find a printer that offers around the clock services if such situations arise. It’s important your printer works with your schedule, which can make all the difference when it comes to saving both time and money.

Utilizing a print shop that provides everything will help as you only need to work with one customer support contact, which creates less stress and effort for you. As you research different companies determine how they will keep you informed with the status of your campaign as well as their privacy protocols. Posing a simple scenario can help gauge how they will react as situations may come up. Be sure to also check if the company is a union printshop offering their union label useage as that is very important.

Lastly, take note how their representative responds to you as you inquire about their services. A quality print provider will take the time to get to know you and what your campaign needs. At Image Cube, we go the extra mile to ensure your campaign raises awareness and reaches your target market during the prime political season. Be sure to connect with our team of experts to learn more and get started today!