Image Cube Sets Up Political Web Store to Make Purchasing Merchandise Easy

Political Webstore


Image Cube has proudly partnered with political movements in California throughout the years. The challenge of political campaigns is that they are very short lived, as little as one year. It can be hard to constantly create marketable products for supporters in such a quick turnaround time with a short lifespan. In 2020, there was a California initiative – “Yes on 21, Local Rent Control Proposition” which was sponsored primarily by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). The issue was that they didn’t want to operate a merch store with orders coming in at various times throughout the campaign’s life cycle.


Our team at Image Cube helped smooth out the process and made it easy for our political client by utilizing our online ordering platform, Print Propel. We set up an online merchandise store that was integrated with their main information website, making it one click away for their supporters to purchase and promote the movement on Prop 21. The merchandise items offered were t-shirts, signs, mugs, posters, bumper stickers and more all available for purchase.


At Image Cube we helped by making their merchandise easily available online by not only handling the online store setup, but also handling the print on demand and fulfillment. Our team managed the ordering, printing, processing and got it fulfilled – so the campaign didn’t have to worry about the technical or day to day processes. This allowed them to focus on their real goal – promoting their initiative to Californians.

“We are so proud to have been chosen by AHF as their union print partner for their merchandise store. Our platform allows their team to focus on getting their message out and we support with the fulfillment operations.”
– Ari Boyajian, CEO, Image Cube


At Image Cube, we are proud to partner with our local communities organizations to get their message out. We also work with labor groups and nonprofits to help set up, design, sell and distribute merchandise through our online store. If you are looking for ways to take the stress off of promoting your merchandise online, connect with our team of experts to get started today for an all-in-one solution!