Image Cube Makes an Impact as the Official Print Partner of the 2022 Annual Pollies Conference

Pollies 2022

Yesterday kicked off the annual Pollie Awards & Conference with the AAPC, American Association of Political Consultants, in beautiful Puerto Rico. This year we are proud to announce that we are the official print partner for the conference and proud of our team and what we have to offer as GOLD sponsors for the conference. The annual Pollie Conference is the go to place for political consultants and suppliers to connect. While we are saddened our team won’t be in attendance this year we are still here to service nationwide candidates and campaigns as working with consultants and firms is our passion at Image Cube.

For the past six years we have supported political candidates and campaigns through our print marketing services to reach the voters. As a CWA Union Printshop, we pride ourselves on partnering with mainly progressive, democrat and independent campaigns to support their overall initiatives. With the 2022 midterm elections just around the corner, we are in overdrive to get our political clients’ campaigns out to the masses through our print marketing services and direct mail.
There are many benefits when working with a union print company such as featuring the union bug, less turnover with employees, skilled workers with years of experience, and the capacity to grow with the changing times. At Image Cube we are proud to be members of the Communication Workers of America by producing union-made American products for all political needs.

Democrats running make sure that all their items from yard signs, flyers, business cards and more have a union bug on them. Political candidates often select union printers, like ourselves, to show their support of the labor movement and that they are backing unions. Pick union printing if you want to express solidarity and support working with women and men within your district.

We play a critical role in helping maintain a better quality of life for our employees and their families as a union print shop. We value hard work, dedication, and detailed craftsmanship which results in consistent, high-quality products in every campaign we work with. Connect with our team to learn more and get started today!