Do You Keep Your Eye Out for the Union Bug?

Union Printing

At Image Cube, we are union strong and proud members of the Communications Workers of America where everything we produce is made by union labor in the USA. When our clients utilize our services they know that they are receiving personal craftsmanship when partnering with us for their printing needs. Our printing shop features our union seal (“bug”) denoting it was sourced from a company that values its workers and the strength they add to our nation. When your product has the “bug” it assures us that we are helping to provide a better quality of life for American workers and their families. So, do you have the “bug”?

The reason why we call it the “bug” is because the term originates from the fact that a tiny logo is printed on a product and looks like a little insect or “bug.” This ensures that printed materials are completely union made and is backed by the quality and craftsmanship of a union company like Image Cube. Printing became prevalent in the 19th century but since then unions have declined significantly in the printing industry, and only around 5-10% of current workers in printing and publishing are unionized. Check out our five reasons why you should partner with, and rely on, a union print company.

  1. Capacity

    Most union print shops have evolved with the changes in the printing industry due to having long-term experience. When it comes down to it, they have not only the staff but the best equipment to get the job done.

  2. Quality

    With the company’s name literally on each piece, union printers take tremendous pride in the work they produce as the form of their union bug or label identifies their union affiliation.

  3. Turnaround

    Not all printers have experience with political mail, but that’s never a case with union printers.Union printers are experienced with direct mail and they know the time sensitive nature of election-related direct mail.

  4. Integrated Capability

    There have been many changes to the printing industry in just the last decade. Union printers have had the durability and insight to keep up with the changes by embracing new technologies and the capability and know how to move from print to digital.

  5. Worker Treatment and Pay

    One of the best benefits of union shops is that the employees are valued through fair salary and benefits for the work they complete. They are some of the best in the industry and are highly skilled and experienced. With union vendors, we are assured that the work is produced right here in America, by skilled American workers.

Our Founder and CEO, Ari Boyajian was featured in People’s World as he shared his knowledge and thoughts about printing and why it benefits to work with a union print company. Our team of experts and hard working members of the CWA Union are ready to partner with companies to expand their businesses. Connect with us to learn more and get started today!