7 Unconventional Calendars for 2022

Calendars for 2022

Conventional wall calendars are simple and effective, but promoting your brand with fun unconventional calendars 365 days out of the year is where it’s at! Most people nowadays tend to go straight to their smartphone when utilizing their calendar to check the date, schedule appointments and meetings, and set reminders. It’s easy because everything you need is on your phone so it’s obvious that your calendar and schedule will be too. However, some people still prefer to have a printed calendar handy so they don’t get distracted when looking on their phone. If you still prefer to have a calendar close by, here are our top recommended print calendar ideas to help get your brand noticed throughout the year.

  1. Postcards Calendars

    With so many sizes to choose from a postcard is the go-to alternative to print wall calendars. You can design your calendar however you like with your preferred layout. Plus it’s handy to have it lying around when needed.

  2. Magnet Calendars

    When you think postcard magnet many people think refrigerator. Having a calendar as a magnet is sure to get seen throughout the day. They can also be placed on other magnetic surfaces in office spaces, classrooms, and at home.

  3. Poster Calendars

    If you want to display a calendar that will grab attention then large format posters are ideal. They’re even better if you can incorporate events that are happening at your establishment. Since there is no minimum quantity, you can purchase these on a monthly basis and update them as needed for new or upcoming events.

  4. Flyer Calendars

    Another way to display calendar view events is by printing them on flyers. Unlike posters, these flyers can be handed out within your community to reach people beyond your location. You can also display the flyers within various community boards around town.

  5. Rack Card Calendars

    For clients and customers visiting your location, rack cards are a great takeaway promotional item. They can be displayed on the front counter or desk for people to take as needed. Printing free compact calendars with your company information can be very helpful for a calendar and memorable like a business card. It’s what we like to call a “two-fer”.

  6. Table Tents Calendars

    Table tents are the best stand up option for any flat services like at your employee’s desk or a restaurant table. It’s a great way to highlight your brand with specials on one side and upcoming events or promotions with the calendar on the other.

  7. Bookmark Calendars

    The bookmark is arguably the most compact print calendar you can have. It’s just big enough to fit the 12 month calendar view without taking up too much space. Bookmarks are ideal for teachers and schools to coincide with the 2022 reading list.

With 2022 less than three months away, now is this time to start thinking and investing in print products that will last 365 days out of the year. Connect with our team of experts to learn more about creating your brand’s calendar and get started today!