7 Fun Facts About Direct Mail That You Should Know

7 Fun Facts About Direct Mail That You Should Know

Is direct mail starting to fade into the background with the modern digital era? You may be surprised to know that the U.S. Postal Service distributed 73.2 billion pieces of mail in 2019. The point is, direct mail is not dead and is still a viable part of any business marketing campaign. In fact, the direct mail industry response rates have been continuously rising over the past decade.

Check out these seven fun facts that you may not have known about direct mail and see why it should be part of your overall marketing plan.


1. Direct Mail is Not As Annoying As Online Ads

It’s true. People are more annoyed with pop-up ads as they’re browsing the internet than when they receive mail at their home. In fact, more than 25% of internet users install ad blockers.

2. People Open Their Mail Right Away

When people walk out to their mailbox to gather their mail, they are more likely to sort through it or even open it right away. According to the USPS, 77% of people sort through their mail immediately upon pulling it from their mailboxes. Also, if there is a big package or envelope you better believe they are likely to open it ASAP or at least see who it’s from. Direct mail is the only media channel that provides this kind of opportunity to get your message across right away.

3. Americans Love Mail

Many Americans love getting mail. It was almost ingrained in our brain to be excited when the mailman dropped off letters or a package as kids. It’s not just the older generation, in fact, many are surprised that millennials love mail too. About 92% of millennials think it’s easier to read print marketing than digital content. They also respond to direct mail faster than any other age group with over 60% of those respondents making a purchase within just three months.

4. Direct Mail Gets Great Response Rates

We know many Americans love mail and they love opening and responding to their mail as well. The DMA Response Rate Report states that 5.1% of U.S. households respond. Businesses are responding to direct mail too. In a recent response rate report, the DMA found that 4.4% of B2B recipients respond.

5. Financial Services Use Direct Mail the Most

There are a few industries that thrive using direct mail and the financial industry is one of the biggest users when it comes to marketing through print media. As a results-driven trade, direct mail campaigns give financial businesses what they desire more which is measurable results. That’s why large financial institutions send out millions of targeted direct mail pieces each year.

6. Donations Increase For Non-Profits with Direct Mail

Potential donors need to believe in the cause, and trust them, when it comes to donating towards a non-profit organization. That’s where direct mail comes in and delivers. Approximately 56% of consumers trust print marketing more than any other type of marketing. It’s also highly targetable, comparatively inexpensive, and totally trackable. Nonprofits increase their donations by an outstanding 40% when they use targeted direct mail . For charitable organizations, direct mail is almost a no-brainer.

7. People Act on Catalogs

Most people think that sending an email to consumers will generate lots of website traffic because it’s only one click away. However, when it comes to direct mail and catalogs over 60% of direct mail recipients visit the website to shop, especially first-time visitors. According to a USPS study, a piece of direct mail is like window shopping. Catalog recipients bought 28% more than those that didn’t receive the same catalog.


The proof is in the pudding. Direct mail is shown to have a remarkable return when included within any business marketing strategy. If you’re looking to reach potential customers in their mailbox then connect with our team to get started with your direct mail marketing campaign.