5 Ways to Elevate Your Gift Card Marketing in 2022

Gift Card Marketing 2022

‘Tis the season of giving and a top gift that everyone loves is a gift card! Let’s face it, most of us prefer it over an actual gift and there is no shame in that. Gift cards are a great way to promote your brand and increase sales not only during the holidays but all year round. Save this post for your 2022 brand marketing strategy for our top recommendations to use gift card marketing throughout the year.

  1. New Customers

    A simple and effective way to utilize gift cards is for new customers. Remember, your customers are not just yours as they have options to choose from. You need to appeal to them and have something better to offer than your competitors. Offer gift cards that are personalized and unique to attract potential customers to want to purchase from your brand.

  2. Offers They Can’t Refuse

    This recommendation follows closely with the first one. Offers need to be innovative and new to help you stand out amongst your opponents. Create an impact by persuading your customers with a special offer or discounts. Make them an offer that is hard to avoid, one they won’t want to pass up. The offer must be eye-catching, but not in an annoying way…instead in an appealing way. Help make them useful with the ease of access, the gift cards’ useability across different platforms and determining how your customers will find them useful.

  3. Visibility Is Key

    In the ever populated digital world, visibility is key to getting your brand noticed. It’s important to invest in social media and digital marketing in addition to your print marketing. Try marketing your gift card rather than endorsing your brand online. Your customers want to know what is in it for them, it’s all about the value of purchasing from you rather than the other guys. Attract new customers by promoting your gift cards as incentives or advertisements. Like you would at your store front by promoting your gift card in print on the window, do the same online.

  4. Reward Those Who Are Loyal

    As an established brand you should reward those who are loyal and support your business, after all they do give the best referrals. Don’t take them for granted and instead thank them for their loyalty with gift cards to help them stay with you.

  5. Testimonials

    Use testimonials from customers within your gift cards if possible. This will help build your brands’ credibility. Insert them within your gift cards in a way that aligns with your overall branding and aesthetic style. This helps create a more authentic gift card that is also unique.

Promoting your gift cards to expand your brand presence has many uses when attracting new customers and retaining those who are loyal. If you’re looking to grow your brand through our print marketing services, like our gift card products, then connect with our team of experts to get started today and kick start the new year strong!