5 Tips for Creating Effective Outdoor Signage

Creative Outdoor Signage

Do you know when you’re driving down the road and see a large sign that makes you stop (figuratively of course) and take notice? That’s our goal! Outdoor signage that includes banners, signs, flag banners, and more is a very effective form of marketing for businesses of any size. Check out our top tips to help your business make an impact utilizing effective outdoor signage.

  1. Visibility

    Your sign must be big enough to get it noticed for your desired viewing distance. Standard sign sizes include: 18” x 24”, 22” x 28”, 24” x 36”, 3’ x 5”, 3’ x 8” and 4’ x 8”. A good rule of thumb is that for every ten feet of viewing distance your sign will need one inch of letter height. It’s key that the sign is placed in a location to reach maximum exposure for your target audience.

  2. Readability

    A large sign should be organized so that it is easy to understand and read within seconds to attract the potential consumer’s attention. Emphasize keywords and phrases with large letters, bold type styles as well as an additional color. Pro tip: adding a border can increase readability by 26% and adding a second color increases retention by 78%.

  3. Color Choices

    Be cautious about your color choices. It’s important to stay on brand and consistent when it comes to all marketing materials while incorporating complementary colors. More often a paired down approach is all you need and a white background can really make an image pop.

  4. Images

    Make sure your image is as crisp and clear as possible by using high-resolution images. Large format is great to showcase new products and your brand. A good way to help you with scale is to view your design from across the room.

  5. Call-To-Action

    With every promotion and marketing piece it’s important to tell your audience what you want them to do next. That could be visiting your website, checking out your store, encouraging them to shop now, or even attending your event. Pick one call-to-action and make sure it is precise and easy to understand.

At Image Cube, we are proud to serve and partner with all sorts of brands to get their business noticed through large format print marketing. Connect with our team of experts to learn more about how we can help your business make a big impression by utilizing banners, signs, displays, and more!