5 Reasons to Utilize a Union Print Shop

5 Reasons to Utilize a Union Print Shop

At Image Cube we are proud members of the Communications Workers of America, which means everything we produce is printed in the United States of America by union labor. It’s important that when trusting your business and branding to a print shop that you partner with someone who is union strong. We value our workers because of their ability and strength they bring to our nation. While there are great print shops to partner with, union printers have the experience and expertise to get the jobs done right. Here are five reasons why you should consider working with a union print shop for your next job.

Union Print Shop Benefits


Union Bug

Printing from a union shop features the union seal (“bug”) denoting it was sourced from a company that manufactures with responsible labor management. Having the union bug on printed materials can be especially useful in political printing as it shows support with organized labor.

Less Turnover

Union print shops usually have less turnover because their employees are more skilled at the job than a non union print shop. Experience with direct mail is a strong asset that union printers have. They know that when it comes to direct mail timing is very sensitive, especially with election related direct mail.


The printing industry is always changing and union print shops have the long-term experience to adapt and grow with the changing times. In addition, they have the equipment and staff to get the work done on time, the first time.


When working with a union print shop you know that they value their employees based on their skills and expertise. They pay them fairly based on their skills and benefits for their dedicated work.


Working with a union print shop means there is open communication between the employees and the owner. “At Image Cube, I know that our employees can come to me because they have a voice. I respect their opinions and don’t fear them because of a union.” – Ari Boyajian, Founder & CEO of Image Cube.

At Image Cube, our team members are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality results knowing that their work represents their personal craftsmanship, Image Cube as well as a larger movement. If you’re looking to partner with a CWA Union Print shop then connect with our talented team to get started today!